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The objective of our online store is to provide Canadian small pet owner's with everyday low prices available from a One-Stop-Shop at www.chinchilla.ca. Our wish is to provide high quality small pet products that enrich the ownership experience and enhances the interaction between families and their pet Chinchillas, Degu, Guinea & Skinny Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets and other small pets in Canada.

Photo credit: Floppy and Snowy: Julie - Orangeville ON Flower Town Chinchillas stocks all store products at a warehouse in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada. This allows us to provide prompt delivery across Canada to small animal owners from a central location.

We named ourselves Flower Town Chinchillas as Brampton, Ontario, Canada has historically been known as the Flower town of Canada. Brampton had a reputation as a flower-growing centre due to hundreds of acres of land being filled with greenhouses growing prize orchids, famous roses & many other quality flowers.

We started our journey as an on-line shop for chinchillas as we have always wanted the best for our own pets and to supply them with products that improved their quality of life and provided the healthiest options available so that they could have a long and happy life.

Chinchilla Play Time With Octo-Play From Marshall Pet Products Chinchilla Taking Afternoon Siesta With Dave. How Many Chinchillas Can Fit Into A Small Tropical Hideout?

We found ourselves travelling greater distance to different pet stores to find supplies and were resorting often to USA on-line retailers to obtain the products that we wanted (often at great expense especially after having to pay the carrier additional fees at the door to receive our purchase).

We decided to see if we could bring together all the best products that the various manufacturers had to offer and provide a One-Stop-Shop at competitive prices to the chinchilla community in Canada. The result was www.chinchilla.ca.

Due to repeated requests from Canadian owners of Degu, Guinea & Skinny Pigs, Rabbits, other herbivores, and most recently Ferrets. We found ourselves adding to our product line to accommodate them to the point we can now offer the same One-Stop-Shop service to all.

We are continually looking for new products that will benefit our small furry friends. We have found some great new products which we have added to our line from companies such as EMT, Marshall Pet, Peter's Rabbit, Orchard Sweet Premium Dried Fruit, Midwest Homes and other manufacturers devoted to enriching the lives of our small pet companions.

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