Customer Comments:

Lainie in Kelowna, BC

December 2014
It's so nice to buy our piggies' food from people who understand the smaller pets. I really appreciate all your help.
The Oxbow Timothy Hay that I just received today is the Best Timothy Hay I've ever seen! I'm thrilled with the quality, and so are Crackle and Poofters!
Thanks for everything! Crackle and Poofters say thank you too!
January 2015
Once again, the hay is beautiful. My shipment arrived yesterday, and I'm so happy with it. Thank you!
May 2015
Going after the chunks of Oxbow Harvest Stacks is such a great floor time amusement for our piggies, and it's a great idea if any other customers ask for some treat or toy ideas.

Rhonda in Terrace, British Columbia

Snak Shak Activity Log - Large by 8 in 1 ecotrition for Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats, Rabbits and Bunnies First of all I just want to say I simply love dealing with you guys!!
My orders might not be often, but coming to your site is like a warm blankie!
Okay, enough mushy stuff! :))

Kiki in Campbell River, British Columbia

Flying Saucer Metal Exercise Wheel for Chinchillas I've just received your package!
I'm so happy and my chinchilla will be happier!!
Thank you so much!!

Lynndsie in Campbell River, British Columbia

Midwest Ferret Nation Cage Double - Model 182 Thank you guys soo much, you made our day.
We will be looking to buy more in the short future

Miriam in Stittsville, Ontario

8 in 1 Ultra Bites Veggie Puffs 5 ounce I love your website, by the way. I'm so excited to find such a variety of animals supplies.
I never knew of your existence until someone told me about it and when I checked out the website I was delighted!
A lot of things I'd seen only on but they don't always ship to Canada.
So it's really nice to have a Canadian store to order from.
Keep up the good work! :)

Aleksuei in North York, Ontario

Oxbow Essentials - Adult Guinea Pig Food - Cavy Cuisine Thank you for being such a wonderful place to shop for guinea pigs' supplies!

Françoise in Montréal, Quebec

Midwest Ferret Nation Cage Double - Model 182 Thank you so much for a very easy and pleasant transaction!
We'll send pictures of our baby chinchilla in his new cage :+)

Jacqueline in Markham, Ontario

Your site is amazing! It has everything I could possibly need while saving tons of money.

Sarah in Woodbridge, Ontario

Thank you for the amazing service with my rush pick-up order!
I will recommend you to all my friends who own small pets.
Definitely buying from you again. My ferrets love you. :)

Carole in Montreal, Quebec

Addington Apple Fruit Slices Louie and Pedro wish to thank you for the apple treats. (Addington Apple Fruit Slices)

Chrissy in Ottawa, Ontario

Pre-Painted Galvanized Metal Bottom Tray 3 in. High - Midwest Nation Cages Wow,
Just thought I would let you know I received the trays. I cannot believe the stuff is already here! Thanks so much.
I'll be putting it all in tonight!!! I am certain my girls will be happier.
They are more than fantastic. Perfect in every way.
The kids are loving their new bed as well!
Thanks again!

Cassaundra in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Hey. Just wanted to let you know we got the wheel and it’s all set up in Kirby's cage. She LOVES it!
Thank you so much! If we ever need anything we know where to get it :) thanks so much for all your help!

Kristal in Montreal, Quebec

Hi, I forgot to write you to thank you. I received the order before the Easter weekend. I really appreciate your getting it into the post first thing for me. Because of you I did not run out of food over the long weekend. Thank you very much for taking care of it so quickly!

Michele in Peterborough, Ontario

Thanks kindly for the phone call Thursday evening advising me that my order was being delivered Friday and thanks so much for a perfect order as usual!

Erin in Edmonton, Alberta

Just letting you all know I got my order today. I gave the pigs some of the pellets to try (Harlan Global High Fibre Guinea Pig Diet) and I have to say it smelled a lot better than the oxbow adult guinea pig food I've been getting lately. It smells like plastic while these pellets smell nice.
The pigs loved it as well, so later I'll be ordering the largest bag (I have 5 guinea pigs who eat a lot).
Thanks again

Thorsten in Waterloo, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you for the quick and fast handling of my recent order.
Everything arrived yesterday in good shape and our new Chin Eloise will be able to move into her new home soon.
Thank you very much and best regards

Ali in Welland, Ontario

I just wanted to say that I've ordered a few things from your store now, and I have been very happy with the process, shipping time, and the products themselves. I will definitely buy all of my rats' products from here!
Thank you so much. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Candice in Bonnyville, Alberta

Rosehips Num Nums Hi Flowertown Chinchillas,

We wanted to thank you guys so much for our new cage trays.
We absolutely love them and so do our owners! Chinny actually started to use her potty for peeing in (before only Pinner did that). Our owners like that it's so much easier to clean too.
We are sad that we can't chew the plastic trays to bits anymore, or fling our poop at our owners as they watch tv and visit in the living room, but we'll adjust.
Plus the rosehips num nums you sent are delicious and keep us busy. One of the best things about the new cage set up is that our owner gives us lots of timothy hay more frequently because the trays keep the dust and extra pieces in. We are obsessed with timothy's almost as fantastic as cheerios. We had our owner take some photos in case your other customers are wondering why we love our home so much more now.

Thanks again for everything. When our owner visits Brampton in July we are sending them with an extra empty suitcase to bring back more fun stuff for us.
Lots of whiskery love,

Kathy in Caledon, Ontario

Thanks again for the tour of your chinchillas! They are very wonderful animals.

Teresa in Scarborough, Ontario

Thanks very much for the prompt service and I am quite satisfied with your store and you.

Madeleine in Brooklyn, New York USA

Cranberry Fibre Pumice Supplement Thank you so much for the answer. So I tried to give it to the pigs and one seems to like the cranberry powder very much. The other one is always picky so I wouldn't worry about it. But I really appreciate all your help. When I run out of it I will surely purchase it from you again!

Marcy in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Flying Saucer Steel Exercise Wheel - Small for Guinea Pig, Degu, Sugar Glider, Flying Squirrel & Pet Rats I just wanted to say thank you for all of the products I recently ordered! My 2 chins (grey and White Mosaic) LOVE the Flying saucer. It took them all of 3 minutes to figure it out.

Kim in Mississauga, Ontario

RE: Critter Nation Cage Purchase.......
Thanks for answering all my questions;
I read you had good customer service and they were right!

Gina in Palm Bay, Florida USA

Thanks So Much.... You Are A God Send...
Loved Talking With You, And Will Let My Bunny Friends Know About My Find...

Dawn in Regina, Saskatchewan

Thanks for shipping our order. Our chinchilla's are like our children too.
We look forward to seeing the new products and trying them out.
Our babies have loved everything we have gotten from your store. Thanks again

Susan in Whitby, Ontario

Small Animal 8-Panel Exercise Play Pen (Marshall) Just wanted you to hear about a very satisfied customers the Chin's,
Lola and Katie Chin love there new apartment, it is more fun, more ramps and colourful and the playpen is going to be great, too big for the floor, so we put it around the cage, and the gate opens which makes it easy, and incorporated the mat on the floor, so still works....I mean she has a big room, but still floor space not big enough, our house is small.. it works well, and nice to get rid of the old baby gates we had.

Robin in Oshawa, Ontario

Hi, we received our order this morning, thanks for the prompt service.
It's a relief for us to find a place to get our supplies with ease.
We look forward to ordering from you again!

Carly in Burlington, Ontario

Apple Fruit Slices - Dried All Natural (Addington Highlands) for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Rats, Birds, Gerbils & Hamsters Thank you for the lovely visit and subsequent treats and essentials. I have already been receiving positive feedback from the fur-balls regarding the new apple logs.

Emily in Ottawa, Ontario

Thank you! I've been unable to find these items at a site that would ship to Canada. Much appreciated.

Andra in Toronto, Ontario

I am a big fan of your site.

Eric in Mississauga, Ontario

Marshall Estate Ferret Home Your product is EXCELLENT! The cage is very easy to setup, it is nice, clean and easy to maintain.
Not only my chinchillas enjoyed it but also my whole family enjoyed watching them getting use to their new home.
We were also impressed by tremendous amount of products you have, some products are really nice and we never see in pet store. So we will definitely go to you when we need chinchilla supplies.

Ken in Montreal, Quebec

Hi, thank you very much for the reply... Your Prices Are Amazing!

Dianne in McMasterville, Quebec

Midwest Ferret Nation Cages Add-On Single - Model 143 Thank you so very much, outstanding customer service, very responsive.
I would buy from you again, because of your honest disposition.

Ben in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Hi! Thank you very much for your excellent service. I am still recommending you to all my animal-loving friends :)

Alison in Cranbrook, British Columbia

Combo Chew Applewood and Crispy Puzzle (Super Pet) for Rabbits, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Degu, Hamster, Rats & Other Furry Friends I received my order a few days ago, and would like to say thank you for the extras you put in there!
Both my guys love the apple sticks, and I am going to give the apple chew toy treat to them as a reward for when we get them in the same cage.
Thanks again, I really appreciate all of the effort you put into your customer service!
I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Doug and Linda in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thank you for your response and for the prompt service. We received our order on Friday and were very pleased how quickly it arrived. Everything came that should have without any unexpected back ordered merchandise. Thanks again and we will pass the word about the quality and excellent service we received.

Mercedes in Petaluma, California, USA

Charlie Supreme Science Chinchilla Bathing Sand Thanks again for supplying this particular brand - it is excellent for dwarf hamsters, they LOVE it!
Also, in case any other customers ask, dwarf hamsters have postage sized tiny little lungs which cannot handle chinchilla dust, but the sand is perfect for them.

Patricia in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

Welcome Home Hutch 42 Just wanted to let you know we received the cage yesterday, our chinchilla went nuts! He loves it! Thanks!

Janina in Repentigny, Quebec

I received your merchandise on Monday of this week. Everything was wonderful. Thanks very much for contacting me it was a nice gesture. I'll definitely be in touch for future orders and queries I may have since it's our first Ferret.
Once again thanks. I'll be in touch. All the best!

Elizabeth in Oakville, Ontario

Received my parcel from your company today and just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful customer service! Will definitely purchase more in the near future for the chinchillas!

Josiane in Montreal, Quebec

I did receive the cage last Tuesday and it is amazing. My boys have so much room and they love their new home. :)

Brian and Dawn in Regina, Saskatchewan

Midwest Ferret Nation Cages Double w/stand - Model 142 Thank you for all your great service. We very much appreciate dealing with you. Our local pet store has been disappointing us more frequently by not have the stock that we require. So I think we are going to have to start buying more from you. We are looking forward to the new cage as our last addition just seems to crowded in the cage with the wheel.
Thanks again for great service and any advise that you can offer.

Chuck in Victoria, British Columbia

Thanks again, my wife, myself and the 3 kids truly appreciate your special customer support!

Jeff in Pemberton, British Columbia

We thank you for having the best service for our piggies.

Andrew in Mississauga, Ontario

When seeking out premium supplies for our two lionhead rabbit's years ago we were fortunate to come across Flower Town Chinchillas! Their large selection of quality products and extremely high level of customer service and personal attention to detail is a welcome breath of fresh air when compared to other e-tailers.
On behalf of our bunnies, BunBun and Belle, and indeed on behalf of small pet owners everywhere - thank you and keep up the great work!

Cheyenne in Whistler, British Columbia

Happy Feet Covers for Midwest Nation Cage Internal Ramps Thank you very much for time and patience and excellent customer service. It's a million miles better than I've had elsewhere.

Sue in Kingston, Ontario

Thank you for your reply...we are so excited....the cage (MW162) arrived today, and Oreo and Geronimo are exploring like crazy!! They love their new expanded digs!!!!
Also thank you for the super fast service...We will be in touch soon I'm sure!! We appreciate your patience and customer service!

Vicky in Montreal , Quebec

Ferret Anatomy Poster - Glossy (Marshall Pet) I just want to say that I received the anatomy ferret poster and it is exactly what I wanted.
Thank you very much!
I'm glad to have done business with you!

Tamara in Calgary Alberta

I sent an order in for the cage :)
That's the best shipping I found since it's not coming over the border. And I'd rather buy from a Canadian company.

James in Ottawa, Ontario

Midwest Critter Nation Cage Double w/stand - Model 162 MW162 I just wanted to let you know that I received the Ferret Nation cage last Tuesday, as you noted below. The package and its contents arrived completely intact and undamaged.
I'm very happy with my purchase, and pleased to have found a Canadian-based source for this cage.

Sebastien in Hawkesbury, Ontario

Thanks a lot, I love the customer services you give.

Gary in Neilburg, Saskatchewan

Thank you so much for the personalized service. Coming from a village of 400 people I always appreciate dealing with people from larger centres who have the same small town attitude we enjoy here.
Now I can take my girls chinchilla shopping. It is difficult for a neophyte to jump into something like this;
I was very happy to know there is a supply store devoted to chinchillas, not just a pet store with no knowledge.
I feel confident that if any item was not suitable for chinchillas you wouldn't sell it.
I enjoyed your site and appreciate good service. Thank you so much for your excellent help.

Andrew in Beamsville, Ontario

Just received my order today. Absolutely thrilled with how quickly it got here. Very, very little damage to the cage through shipping,
I am completely satisfied. We had a lot of fun setting it up. Of course as you set it up you figure out a couple other things you need so I will be putting in another order in the next little bit I'm sure!
How quickly it shipped was really the best part, and since you guys are a one stop shop for rose hips, pellets and hay I think you will be hearing from me quite a bit.

Cindy Ellen in Peterborough, Ontario

Midwest Critter Nation Cage Double w/stand - Model 162 MW162 The cage went together very quickly, the instructions were clear and helpful, and we were both extremely impressed with the quality of the cage and the parts.
The rat who had tumour surgery last week is finally home from the vet. She is in the bottom half of the cage, while her sisters are in the upper half. That way, once the stitches are out and I can re-introduce them, the cage will already smell like all of them. I am extremely glad that I bought the double cage!

David in Windsor, Ontario

Everything arrived this morning. Thanks for the quick delivery!
I'll be ordering more stuff from you in the near future.

Robin in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

Just wanted to thank you for your extremely quick service! Wow, that was hardly 6 days and it's here all ready.
Everything arrived in excellent condition and thank you for the sample supplement.
This is definitely not the last time you'll be hearing from us!

Tara in Stratford, Ontario

Hello, I just wanted to say that you guys never cease to amaze me! Thank you for the fast delivery!

Hêlêne in Saint-Marcellin, Quebec

You give a good service to your customer, I'll remember that!

Brandi in Prince George, British Columbia

Regarding Warranty Replacement for Marshall Estate Ferret Home Wow, ok, definitely more than I thought would happen with the cage. thank you and thank Marshall. I sure appreciate it. :)

Caroline in Petawawa, Ontario

Hello!!! I received the cage yesterday and its fab!!! The girls will love it!!
I'm moving so they will get a new home at the same time as I do haha
Thank you sooo much!

Christopher in Clearwater, Florida, United States

Pre-Painted Galv. Metal Bottom & Upper Tray Made for Midwest Ferret/Critter Nation Cages Hello! I received the pans and they are wonderful!
I couldn't be any happier with them, so thank you very much.

Tim in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Visiting your web site is always a pleasure.
Thank you to your family and staff.
The package arrived yesterday.
My ferrets spent the evening jumping in and playing with their new toys.
They tired themselves out so much that they only poked their heads out of the hutch this morning to see me walk by.
Great service!

Samantha in Brampton, Ontario

Excellent! Thank you guys! Your business is the best in town!

Michelle in Port Colborne, Ontario

Midwest Ferret Nation Cage Double w/stand - Model 182 I Ordered my cage and 2 days later it arrived, when I was expecting it the following week I couldn't be happier, my ferret loves his new home.
Glad to know that there is a Canadian site that carries ferret supplies, will definitely order from here again and again.

Kerry in Lytton, British Columbia

Hello! It's exciting to be placing another order with you, I have appreciated your wonderful products, prices and service so much.
Thank you so very, very much again!

Natalia in Toronto, Ontario

I'm glad I could find someone in Ontario that sells ferret toys, they're so hard to find!

Alexa in London, Ontario

Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay Thanks for handling the issue so well. Your customer support is awesome and I really enjoy shopping at your online shop.
Our Chinchillas and Degus love the Orchard grass it is the only grass the Chinchillas will eat completely and the only grass the Degus will not only use for building purposes but actually eat.

Yuliya and Alex in Toronto, Ontario

Tremendous thank you for keeping our two guinea pigs, Java and Maple, healthy, happy and pop-corning for over a year and a half now!!!
It is always a fortunate pleasure to go shopping at your store and to communicate with you by e-mail or in person!
Thank you, good people in Flower Town, for quality, excellence and a personal touch in everything you are doing for our furry family! :)

Chantal in Montreal, Quebec

Harlan Lab Blocks 14% Protein Rodent Maintenance Diet I received my package, thank you! Your service is very fast and professional.
As soon as my rats have eaten their two bags, I will order food from your company again for sure!

Holly in Chatham, Ontario

First of all, I just want to thank everyone at Flower Town Chinchillas for their AWESOME customer service!
It's just one of the reasons that I keep coming back for more! :)

Jenna in Ajax, Ontario

Midwest Critter Nation Cage Double w/stand - Model 162 We set up our new Critter Nation the moment we arrived home and we love it (our rats do too!).
It's spacious, looks nice and is very good quality - worth every penny!
I'm so glad you guys carry this cage, and for such a good price too. :)

Devon in Pembroke, Ontario

Great thanks so much. Our ferrets thank you the most :)

Brody & Carly in Burlington, Ontario

Edible Twig Tunnel Large - ALL NATURAL Willow (Ware) for Rabbits, Chinchilla, Ferrets & Other Small Animals These twig tunnels are - in a very literal sense - life savers!
Brody's teeth have never been better! She prefers willow over apple wood, and these are helping keep her recurring tooth spurs under control.

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