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How often do I need to change my chinchilla's cage bedding?

In general you should change your chinchillas cage bedding weekly removing the soiled bedding and cleaning and disinfecting the tray and cage as needed to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your chinchilla. This time frame can change depending on your particular situation; smaller cages or multiple chinchillas in a cage may require more frequent changing. A clean cage helps to maintain an odour free environment that helps make chinchillas a desired house pet.

What type of bedding should I use for my chinchilla?

NEVER USE CEDAR SHAVINGS for Chinchillas, as the aromatic hydrocarbons and phenols are very strong and cause serious respiratory, skin, coat and liver problems.

Aspen is the best suitable bedding for your chinchilla.

Traditionally pine shavings has been used as bedding material for chinchillas and other small animals however recent studies have indicated that the aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols and oils that are not as strong as cedar have also been implicated as potential health risks primarily with regards to respiratory problems and changes in the liver.

Oxbow Hay Products states regarding chinchillas "Cedar and pine shavings are not recommended, because they contain resins that can be irritating to your pet's skin, eyes, and mucous membranes."

Sun Seed states in their online Chinchilla Care Guide "recent studies indicate that the phenols in pine that cause their aroma, also can lead to health problems in animals that have direct exposure over an extended period of time. Aspen bedding is a much better and safer choice.

With the recent growth of chinchillas being kept as pets long term health and life longevity have become of greater concern.

We at Flower Town Chinchillas have switched from pine to aspen for our chinchillas cage bedding. We carry a supply of Top Grade Quality Aspen at pricing competitive with that of pine to help promote a healthier choice for your chinchillas.

Can I change my chinchillas diet; I was told it would make them sick?

"We copied this chart from the Internet some time ago to use as our own reference guide and it answers the above question perfectly."

You can change your chinchillas pellet diet to another quality pellet diet but you should always change your animal's diet gradually. This will allow the digestive system to adjust to a different feed. Some animals are resistant to change, so time and patience are needed when switching diets.

Use these guidelines when switching to a new feed.

Remember to mix food well.

NEW FoodOLD FoodHow Long?
1  Scoop New Food +  4  Scoops Old Food +  5  Days of this Mix
2  Scoops New Food +  3  Scoops Old Food +  5  Days of this Mix
3  Scoops New Food +  2  Scoops Old Food +  5  Days of this Mix
4  Scoops New Food +  1  Scoop Old Food +  5  Days of this Mix

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PLEASE NOTE PICKUPS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY; Orders need to be prepared from our nearby storage facility.

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Orders with Flower Town Chinchillas are available for shipping and for local pickup.

All orders are insured and shipped via Canada Post and will require a signature upon receipt. Shipments will be made within 24 hours Monday to Friday upon receipt of payment.

The delivery address must contain a physical street name and number as we cannot deliver to rural route or Post Office Box addresses.

The fully assembled cages Overall Dimension's beginning with ID #FTC exceed Canada Posts limitations. Due to this shipping would need to be done by Purolator or another courier who allows shipping packages of these dimensions. Unfortunately this increases the shipping cost significantly compared to using Canada Post. * (The larger cage on legs would need to have the legs removed for shipping which can easily be reinstalled with a wrench).

Orders Need To Be Prepared From Our Nearby Storage Facility Which We Visit Daily.

For local orders only special arrangements may be made for Flower Town Chinchillas to deliver with a shipping fee any orders that contain large pre-assembled cages or other large sized items that may not fit in your vehicle.

Money Transfers

What is an Interac Email Money Transfer?
Inerac email Mony Transfer A fast and convenient way to transfer funds to anyone with an email address and a bank account in Canada. Recipients of Interac Email Money Transfers are notified by email while participating banks transfer funds through established and secure banking channels.

Sending an Interac Email Money Transfer?
All you need is access to online banking at a participating financial institution and the recipient's email address.

Receiving an Interac Email Money Transferis as easy as sending one!
All you need is an email address - it's that simple!

For personalized instructions, please send payment request via our <contact page.

You will need to email us separately whatever password you have chosen for the transaction so we can accept payment.

To use this process there is a $1.50 service charge the customer is required to pay. To help offset this cost, Flower Town Chinchillas will allow our customers to deduct $1.50 from their total invoice cost so they are not out of pocket for any order exceeding $50. This $50 is the total invoice cost including taxes and shipping.. i.e. if your invoice was for $62.70, then all you would need to do is send a payment for $61.20 Note: this is only available for Canadian customers with online banking at one of the 5 listed Canadian banks.

Bank of Montreal CIBC RBC Scotia Bank Toronto Dominion Bank

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