Feed Supplies

Fortified Feeds Small Animals

Fortified Feed for Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Pet Rats from Oxbow, Mazuri, Harlin Teklad, Martin Mills,Sun Seed and others. We carry the best recommended feeds for the small and exotic animals that we support. By concentrating only on the best recommended feeds we are able to insure that we bring in fresh stock regularly so that the food we supply is as fresh as possible. For Chinchillas we carry Oxbow and Mazuri, the Top 2 veterinarian and breeder recommended as well as Martin Mills. For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Pet Rats we have Oxbow (the #1 veterinarian choice) and Harlan Teklad who makes the #1 Pet Rat (according to both Canada and the USA Pet Rat community). For Ferrets we stock EVO, Wysong Ferret Epigen 90, Wysong Ferret Archtypal, ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diets and Marshall Premium Ferret Diets (Breeding quality ferrets for over 60 years and maker of the largest selection of ferret products available). We also stock Sun Seed Vita Exotics for Degu, Hedgehog and Sugar Gliders.

Hay & Grasses

We pride ourselves in providing only the best quality Hay and Grass products for our customers small herbivore pets. We pride ourselves in providing only the best quality Hay and Grass products for our customers small herbivore pets. Oxbow Hay products are the top recommended hay products in North America. We also now stock hay from JoJo whose quality is some of best we have seen next to Oxbow. We also have an excellent Alfalfa Kings Oat, Wheat and Barley Hay in stock. Additionally we have Western Timothy Hay Cakes from both Oxbow and JoJo along with some fantastic Naturally Cranberry and Apple flavoured hay cakes by Standlee Hay (JoJo's Parent Company) that our chinchillas love. Offering your pets a variety of quality grass hays will benefit and help your pets achieve optimum health and be less selective eaters. Mix and match amongst the following, all-natural, farm-fresh grass hays from our store; Western Timothy, Orchard Grass, Oat Hay, Botanical Hay, Organic Meadow Hay and Oat, Wheat and Barley Hay Blend. Oxbow Hay packaging shows a Variety Guide to help determine your pet's taste and texture preferences.

Minerals & Supplements

Oxbow Natures Science Supplements and Other Quality Products To Benefit the Health of Your Pets. A variety of Calcium/Mineral chews, Hairball Digestive Aids, Vitamins and Mineral Supplements including Oxbow Pet Products Natures Treat, a selection of organic herbs specially selected as beneficial for small herbivores that they all love to eat. We also now Oxbow's new Natural Science supplements representing innovative nutritional solutions for maintaining and improving health in our small pets. We have All Natural Cranberry and All Natural Blueberry Pumice (Primary Base of Cranimals without the expensive packaging) with ZERO additives. These natural anti-oxidants are reputed to offer a natural protection for urinary tract problems as well as other health benefits. All Natural Rose Hips are one of Nature's major sources of Vitamin C. All these above healthy treats are loved by chinchillas, degu, rabbits and guinea pigs and have NO Added sugar or additives. We also have supplements for ferrets by Marshall Pet Products and 8 in 1 including the sought after Marshall Pets Duk Soup. Additionally we provide some specialized products like the fantastic Pro-C Chinchilla Supplement Tablet made by Meadowbrook Chinchillas, the inventor of the famous Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel for Chinchillas and other small animals. For detailed information on the benefits of these and the other products we carry, please read the information by clicking on the items link.


Quality Healthy Treats catering to taste buds of chinchillas, guinea pigs, bunny We have a wide range of treats catering to the taste buds of chinchillas, guinea pigs, bunny's & rabbits, degu, ferrets, pet rats and other small animals & birds. Treats that offer a health benefit are always a priority in our choice of what to carry with many treats being listed in our Minerals and Supplements section. We carry an assortment of the best treats these companies have to offer. Marshall Pet, Oxbow, Peters Rabbit, F.M. Browns, 8 in 1 & eCOTRITION, Sun Seed Vitacraft, and many others.

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