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Bath Dusts & Accessories

Bath Houses, bath dusts and sands from Blue Cloud, Brown One thing Chinchillas, Hamsters and Gerbils require are Dust Baths. We have owned Chinchillas for years, and during this time have found what we consider the most fabulous and efficient bath dusts and houses. Brown's Chinchilla Bath Dust is excellent for making your white chinchillas clean and bright. Super Pet Bath Sand is made from volcanic mountain pumice which is similar to their natural habititat. Blue Cloud Chinchilla Bath Dust is a fine powder dust that is favoured by Breeders and Hobbists for showing chinchillas. Charles Supreme Science Bath Sand is among the favorites for Hamsters. Limestone Bath Sand is a larger granule sand that is perfect for people with dust allergies and has been used by many of Ontario's Oldest and Largest Chinchilla Breeders. All Bath Houses can be used with any of the dusts and sands...


We Pride ourselves in carrying the BEST Quality Bedding used by most breeders and pet owners. Harlan Teklad has a variety of different bedding's from their Diamond Soft, the most soft, lab grade and dust-free paper bedding a favourite around the pet rat community, to shredded and chipped Aspen perfectly sanitary and great for burrowing for Chinchillas, Gerbils, Hamsters and other small critters, as well as Pelleted Paper which is perfect for litter training critters such as Ferrets, Rabbits and Pet Rats and for those who use Corn Cob Bedding, Harlan has a fabulous Cob bedding as well. Here at FTC we are proud to be Harlan's Canadian Representative.

We also carry familiar names such as Carefresh in Original, Ultra and Special Order Colours. Hypoallergenic Nepco Aspen Chip and Shredded bedding which is currently used by Breeders and Veterinarians and is great for all animals even ones with sensitive skin and is also fantastic for nesting animals. New to the FTC line up is Zilla Alfalfa Meal Bedding which is perfectly digestible and great for Bearded Dragons, Land Tortoises, Iguanas and Uromastyx.

Books & Magazines

Books & Magazines for your reading pleasure! Books & Magazines designed for both the new pet owner and the more experienced. Add one to your next order, also makes a great gift! Books for chinchillas, degu, guinea pigs, rabbits and pet rats from a variety of publishers like Animal Planet, Barron's, Bowtie and TFH. Providing information on how to properly care for your small pet to insure your pet has a healthy stimulating home, recognizing and dealing with potential health problems; as well as grooming & training methods. Magazines like the Rabbit USA Annual and the Critters USA Annual, the only magazine devoted to all of our small furry friends like chinchilla, degu, guinea pigs, rats, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and other small exotic pets.

Cage Accessories

If you need cage replacements this is the category for you. At FTC we have Custom Made Mill Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel shelf and pan inserts for the Midwest Nation Cages that are Chew Proof and Don't Rust as well as the Original Plastic Replacement pans and shelves. Latches, Cage Privacy Covers, Scatter Guards, Repair Tools and Spare Parts, such as J-Clips and Mounting Hardware. We even have soft, comfy Shelf and Ramp Covers for the Midwest Nation Cages to protect your little furries feet.

Cage Cleaners

Mind Blowing, Amazing Cage Cleaning and Stain Removing Products! New to our stain removing products is the highly recommended MUST HAVE 180XT. It's powerful action not only removes stains but pheromones as well! We also have Earth Balance (formly Petastic) which is a #1 cage cleaner and deodorizer that we use on our cages. We also have products by Super Pet and Sticky Sheets Pet Hair Remover which is fantasic for picking up those pesky hairs that sit on our clothes, furniture and even in the car.


Here at Flower Town Chinchillas we stock cages designed to provide quality homes for chinchillas, degu, guinea & skinny pigs, rabbits & bunny's, ferrets, rats, hedgehogs and other small animals. Cages are made by Top Brands like Super Pet, Marshall and Midwest (#1 for their Nation Cages). We also carry beautiful Hutches and Runs by Precision Pet for your furry friends and your feathered fowl (Chicken) friends to enjoy.

Carriers, Harness & Leashes

Carrier and Harness Accessories best suited for the safe transportation of small animals for your veterinarian visits and other travelling needs. Carrier's and Harness Accessories best suited for the safe transportation of small animals for your veterinarian visits and other travelling needs. We carry personal pet carriers like Marshall's Front Packs to help keep your pet cuddled close to you around the house. We also carry fashionable Walking Jackets, Collars and Leashes made specifically for your pet ferrets and rabbits to go for walks in style. You will find Big name brands like Marshall, Peters Rabbit and Super Pet at affordable prices. Also specialty made Chinchilla Transporters made by Ryerson Chinchilla Ranch in Ohio are available here at Flower Town Chinchillas.

Chewable Play Toys

A large selection of safe interactive chew toys specifically made for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, degu and other sm This catagory spotlights marvelous chew toys from Oxbow's Timothy Club Hideout to Super Pet's Nut Knot Nibblers. You will also find a large selection of safe interactive chew toys specifically made for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, rats and other small animals. Chew Toys that will delight your furry friends from Ware, Super Pet, Oxbow, Peters Rabbit, Kaytee, and NuHemp. As well as scrumptous Applewood Sticks that your small pet won't be able to resist from Addington Highlands or let them try some of the NEW Yucca products in this catagory. Also an old favorite like 8N1's Snak Shaks are available here.

Chews & Kabobs

A variety of chew and play toys to provide hours of fun for both you and your special pet. Chinchillas, Rabbits, Guinea & Skinny Pigs, Degu and Rats teeth are continuously growing and require a safe way to keep their teeth trimmed to the proper length. Ware and Super Pets Kabob Hangers provide a hygienic method of keeping chew toys from being soiled and off the cage bottom. We carry a large selection of assorted shapes, materials and textures in kabob chews from Top Names Ware, Super Pet and Sunseed for small animals and birds that your pet will love. Also NEW Yucca Products are Here!! Your soft furry of feathered friend will have a blast sinking their beak or teeth into this soft wood.

Clothing & Fashions

Night on the town? Slumber Party? Camp Out? Ball Game or Halloween? No matter which occasion you pick even if it's just for fun, this category has the outfits for your little furry. Marshall dominates this category with lots of imaginative designs for your pet. Though these are made with Ferrets in mind, the hats and bandannas are also suitable for other small furries such as Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Rats. Marshall Pets with over 60 years of experience prides themselves with top quality products. Here at Flower Town Chinchillas we are happy to carry the full line of Marshall Pet Products.

Exercise Wheels & Balls

The Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel is in our opinion the best and safest designed exercise wheel made for chinchillas. The Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel is in our opinion the best and safest designed exercise wheel made for chinchillas, degu and other small animals. It is made out of Steel which makes it durable and easy to clean. Here you will also find Super Pet's Giant Silent Spinner Wheel which is excellent for Rats. We also carry the larger sizes of Super Pet's Run-About Ball in addition to the One & Only Run-About Racetrack. Fun imaginative products for your Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice such as Super Pet Critter Operated Chopper and Dazzle Critter Carriage. So let the good times spin or roll.

Feeders & Dishes

Feeding dishes and stainless steel canisters for your pet’s feed and treats. A variety of superior ceramic dishes and stainless steel feeding dishes which lock onto most styles of wire metal cages. We also have a variety of speciality wood and metal feeders designed to hold hay products, vegetables and greens. Top Quality from leading name brands such as Ware, Super Pet and Midwest.

Grooming & Hygiene

Have your furry friend looking their softest and furry best. First give your pet a delighful bath and use one of the Shampoo's and Cleaners by Marshall or Super Pet that are specially formulated for your Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and other small animals. Then towel dry them off with a nice cozy, fluffy towel or drying sack that you will also find in this category. Flower Town Chinchillas also have a variety of combs and brushes specifically designed to groom your small furry pets and to help keep their fur looking it's greatest. Nail clippers sized for the small pets tiny nails and tooth brushes and Dental Gel to help keep their teeth healthy and white. All your grooming needs in one place, from top brands Marshall, Super Pet and Peters Rabbit.

Hammocks, Ledges & Sleepers

A variety of hammocks, pouches, wood ledges, and mats for your little pet to relax and cool off after playtime. A wide variety of items for your pets like wooden ledges, hay mats & beds, the popular Super Pet's Chin-Chiller to provide your chinchilla a cooling off area and a large variety of fleece beds, hammocks and sleepers for both rest & play. These include the popular Super Pet's Super Sleeper Comf-E-Cube, the one hammock that every one of our own chinchillas loves to use as well as a variety of play shelters from Marshall Pet Products like the Octo-Play, Ark Playhouse and Double Fun Play Tunnel to name a few that ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs and other small animals love to play in. *Our chins went crazy when introduced to the Ark Playhouse!

Health & First Aid

Health & First Aid products. Products designed specifically for your small pets health needs. EMT Gel, is a product that we believe BELONGS IN EVERY ANIMAL OWNER'S FIRST AID KIT. This unique item essentially creates a flexible bandage for treatment of minor cuts and abrasions and helps to prevent infection and picking at by your pet while at the same time aiding in the healing process. EMT is Veterinary Tested for Use on ALL Large & Small Animals Including Birds & Reptiles. Also we have a great RX and Electrolyte/Hydration Concentrate and Heating Pad products by Marshall and Peters Rabbit. Also used by Veterinarians is Quick Stop Antiseptic Styptic Gel or Powder, perfect for stopping blood when clipping wings or cutting nails. NOTE: If your animal is injured or sick and you are inexperienced we highly recommend you visit your local veterinarian ASAP.

Houses & Hideouts

A large selection of homes and hideouts for your small pet to sleep and play. A wide selection of various sized houses, hideouts and shelters made to accommodate our small furry friends. Shelters and Hides are essential to help your small furry feel safe and secure in their home. Shelters are made with safe to chew woods, hays and vegetable based paper products and some are designed to entice chewing like the fruit flavoured wood used in Super Pet's Fiddlesticks or the new 100% edible shelters from 8 in 1 made with a unique mixture of fresh alfalfa and golden honey. Pefect Playpen or out of the cage hides such as Marshall's Octo-Play and much much more from Prevue, Ware, Peters Rabbit, JW Pet and Oxbow much to your furry friends delight.

Litter & Odour Control

Litter & Odour Control products. Most small furries enjoy being Clean so clean in fact they pick a particular place to go to the bathroom, to make it more conveinent for you as well as your small furry we carry Scatter Resistant Litter pans, Tall Back Litter pans and Corner Litter pans for Ferrets/Rats/Chinchillas all the way down to the smallest furries hamsters/gerbils/mice. One of the biggest complaints about many small animals is their smell (chinchillas excluded). We carry products like Marshall Pet Products popular Bi-Odor and other manufacturers items designed to control and remove odours from small animals like guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits and others. Here you will find Harlan Teklad Pelleted Paper which we reccomend and use in our Chinchillas Litter Pans. We also carry other products from top name companies like Marshall, Oxbow, Peter's Rabbit & Super Pet. A category dedicated to Smellin' Good.


Pedigree Cards a must for any breeder to keep track of their lines, Stickers or help your pets reach the Rainbow Bridge with creative Burial Kits and other pet related items & gifts for the small animal owner.

Play Pens & Accessories

Play Pens & Accessories Want a safe enviroment to play with your furry friend with no worries? Look no further at Flower Town Chinchillas we have the perfect solution! Playpens by Marshall and Midwest, made with all-metal construction and one-inch spacing to provide a safe play area for all kinds of small animals. We also carry floor mats and covers as well as a carrying/storage case all designed to be used exclusively for these playpens.

Play Toys

Safe interactive play toys specifically made for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, degu and other sm Play Time should be the best time of the day! We offer a large selection of safe interactive play toys specifically made for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, degu and other small animals. If your pet enjoys tunneling we have Marshall's Super Thru-Way, Midwest soft and cozy Hide-N-Seek Tunnel or Blankie and Super Pet's Flex-E-Fun-nel. Watch your furry get poppin' with Marshall's Pop N' Play Ball Pit. Maybe enjoy some games like Marshall's Ferret Fun Games Blankie. No matter what type of "Fun" your want to get into this category has it all with delightfully fun toys from Marshall, Super Pet, Midwest Prevue, Kong and Ware.

Training Aids

We presently have a couple excellent products designed to help keep your small animal safe.
* Time Out!® Training Spray Stops pets from destructive chewing.
* Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray is a safe non-toxic way to prevent your small furry from giving themselves hair cuts or from licking wounds so they have a chance to heal.

Water Bottles & Accessories

We now carry Quick Fill Water Bottles which are similar to the now discontinued Edstrom Water Buddy Bottles by AG Select. A truly drip-less water bottle with a unique patented one directional valve system which small animals and birds find very easy to use and is a much healthier choice over the common vacuum style bottles. Additionally we have Stainless Steel bottle guards made exclusively to protect the Quick Fill Water Bottles from the aggressive chewer. We also carry Super Pet's Chew Proof vacuum style glass water bottles in three sizes for those pet owners who prefer glass.

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