Earth Balance

Health & First Aid

Earth Veterinarian Recommended Products
Daily Boost for Dogs Helps support the immune system and is a concentrated, micro-structured, electrolysed water solution with powerful antioxidant properties.
Canine Solutions for dogs and Feline Solutions for cats are all-natural sprays that can help keep out dirt and germs for cuts, hot spots, insect bites and more and are Safe for nursing mothers, puppies and kittens.
Avian Solution for birds is a multi-use spray that leaves feathers naturally clean, fresh and vibrant. Thanks to the oxidizing power of electrolysed water, it cleanses safely and naturally, restores ecological balance to skin and feather terrain and Helps prevent feather plucking

Lawn Care

Earth Balance Lawn Care - Repairs Lawn Burns! and Helps Keep Lawns Green! Repairs Lawn Burns! and Helps Keep Lawns Green!
Dogonit lawn rejuvenator helps heal spots burned by dog urine and also safely and naturally helps correct toxic soil conditions caused by synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, so pet owners can look forward to a healthier, better looking lawn.
G-Whiz is a natural supplement that provides 10 key amino acids dogs need to properly metabolize proteins that helps creates ammonia in dog urine which can cause yellow spots on your lawn.

Odour Control

Earth Balance Odour Control, Skunk Free, Wet Dog, Get Rid of Smelly Dog Earth Balance Odour Control is Veterinarian and trainer recommended!
Skunk Free for Dogs or Cats is an All-natural fast-acting spray that helps remove, not mask, offensive skunk odours.
Wet Dog is an all-natural odourless solution that safely and effectively eliminates stubborn wet dog and other unpleasant pet body odours. Just spray it all over your wet dogĀ and smells start to dissipate. No need to rinse it off. Not a mask or cover-up. Ideal for hunting dogs.

Skin & Coat Care

Earth Balance - Skin & Coat Care Dander Free for Dogs and Dander Free for Cats. These Veterinarian and groomer recommended Daily dander removers are an all-natural cleansing solution gently removes pet dander and saliva proteins known to trigger allergic reactions in people while promoting a fresh, clean coat.
Itch Free for Dogs and Itch Free for Cats provides Veterinarian and groomer recommended Daily soothing spray for dogs and cats. Ideal for short and long hair cats and dogs, this all-natural formula safely soothes itching and scratching fast, while helping to restore a natural balance to the skin.

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