Our Suppliers

For further information about some of our product suppliers and to view other available products check out the following links. If you see anything you are interested in from the manufacturers sites that we do not list please email us your request and we would be happy to custom order the item for you.

Browns Pet Products

Brown's has a wide variety of products for Rabbits, Guinea Pig, Chinchillas, Degu, Rats, Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse and other small animals. We carry a selection of their quality treats and supplements as well as a great quality bath dust for chinchillas, hamsters and degu that is available in both a 2 pound container as well as 50 pounds for those looking for a bulk product comparable to Blue Cloud or Blue Sparkle. This is especially superior when used on white or mosaic coloured chinchillas.   - visit website

Kaytee Products, Inc

Kaytee Products, Inc For over 140 years, KAYTEE® has dedicated its resources to the increased understanding of our natural surroundings and the animals that call it home. Providing the highest quality foods & services for people's enjoyment of birds & other pets. Kaytee is an industry leader and one of the largest marketers and producers of food for pet birds, wild birds, and small animals. Kaytee has a strong history of developing innovative new products, such as the Exact line of pet bird and small animal food.   - visit website

Oxbow Pet Products

Oxbow Pet Products Oxbow Pet Products is a worldwide supplier of premium life-staged feeds and supportive care products for small exotic animals. Used and recommended by top exotic animal veterinarians worldwide, Oxbow offers an extensive line of superior quality, high-fiber hay and pellet products for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs and adult pet rats.   - visit website

Super Pet USA

Super Pet USA Small animals and pet birds bring joy to our lives and make wonderful members of our families. With some affection, the right care and the help of Super Pet's innovative products, you will be bonding with your pet in no time!   - visit website


Vitakraft Vitakraft is a dynamic group of companies, operating successfully in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Skilled and committed staff from more than 20 countries work for the well-being of pets, and thus help to develop the trust that the Vitakraft brand inspires in millions of pet owners worldwide.   - visit website

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